FotoJet: Graphic Designer | Collage Maker | Photo Editor Web Version Review

FotoJet is a powerful online app for graphic design, photo collage, and photo editing. You can use it online for free snd you can download the software as well. Here is full review of FotoJet Editing Software.

User Interface of FotoJet

It is very hard to edit images and making collage using a typical photo editing software. For those who want to make collages quickly without any problems the FotoJet Collage Maker is charm. It’s not just useful for making collage but also for editing images and creating artistic and professional designs.

FotoJet Collage Maker not only allows you to create stunning photo grids and collages, but 
also gives you the ability to make photo cards, posters, comicsfun photos, etc. in a matter of 
seconds. Its 700+ fully customizable photo grids & collage templates, wide range of text 
fonts, shapes, clipart images, backgrounds and powerful editing tools help you personalize 
unique masterpieces with endless possibilities.  
No matter your age or experience level, you can make various photo collages of all your 
wonderful moments and memories effortlessly. 

The overall user interface is very good and quite easy to operate which makes more easy to edit and save designs and images.

The Features

Thousands of Templates and Resources 
 Different styles of collage templates included: Photo Grid, Classic, Modern, 3D, Creative 
and Art. 
• Lots of Poster, Comic, Fun Photo and Frame templates are available. 
• Well-designed Photo Card templates cover almost all occasions and holidays, including 
Birthday, Baby, Wedding, Anniversary, Christmas and Graduation. 
• 80+ text fonts and 30+ preset text styles that can be applied with one click. 
• 80+ preset clipart images to choose from or search through 93,000+ clipart images online. 
• 80+ preset lines and shapes. 
• Set background with solid/gradient color fill, or select from 80+ patterns. 
• Add photos from computer, Facebook, or online photo stock. 
Customize Photo Grids and Collages at Will 
• Freely reshape photo grids with mouse dragging. 
• Change the aspect ratio of photo grids as needed. 
• Adjust Spacing and Roundness of photo grids with ease. 
• Easily replace photos or exchange them between different grid frames with drag and drop. 
• Crop any photo to show the exact part you want. 
• Apply popular photo effects and make color adjustments such as Exposure, Brightness, 
Contrast, Saturation and Hue.  
• Add text and edit text font, color, size, alignment and effect. 
 Move, resize and rotate any element to gain a perfect look. 
• Select multiple elements for batch processing. 
• Other useful tools: layer management, undo/redo, duplicate and auto snap, etc. 
Save or Share  
• Save as a JPG or PNG image. 
• Share to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Tumblr. 
• Save as project and load for further editing. 

Creating Designs

There a ton of options to choose from and different categories making it more easy and good to create the design you want whether it’s for marketing or social media header or posts for you social media handles. Select the one you like and go on.


Create a design feature
The Design

The templates are very good and professional and the designs are very easy to create and you can easily download your work as jpg or png format.

Design Here!

The Collage Maker

Well, This site has one of the best collage maker software I ever used. Specially The Modern and 3D templates are kind of magic. Very unique and yet very easy to create a collage using those templates. With the help of easy editing it creates wonders.

Collage maker Feature


Create Collage!

The Editing Feature

The editing feature is very simple and yet one of the most effective editing software. Sharpen, Adjust Brightness, Focus and a lot of things with ease using this feature, Add texts, Clip arts and many overlay effects.

Edit Feature

Edit Here!

The FotoJet Web version is one of the best Online editing software and most importantly it’s free. All you have to do is get your creativity on the image, create it and save it on your device. You can signup to use the FotoJet plus for advanced features and you can also download the Software for use.