Top 5 Smartphones with Best Camera

Capturing moments is one of the best activity we love to do. Here are top 5 phones that add charm to this activity.

Photography with Phone

1. iPhone 7 Plus

Mighty iPhone 7 plus

With it’s dual camera, the iPhone 7 Plus creates some of the most breathtaking shots. iPhone 7 Plus also one of the best camera for portrait shots. It’s effective pixel density makes images even more beautiful.

2. Google Pixel XL

Phone by google

Camera of this Google Device is marvelous and one of the best in smartphones. This device is purely made for Smartphone photography and for those who love to click photos with their phone Pixel XL is a must buy.

3. Samsung S8 Plus

S8 Plus Beauty

The Galaxy S8 plus carries the same camera as Samsung’s flagship last year but is still one of the best. The camera clicks some of the best shots in low-light and it’s IP rating enables users to use it anywhere.

4. OnePlus 5

It’s one of the fastest android phone and with it’s dual camera it also gives best photography experience in low light. For users who like gaming as well as photography OnePlus 5 is best option available.

5. Moto G4 Plus

One of the decent budget oriented phone,despite of it’s old hardware this phone has one of the best camera in it’s price range and with it’s laser auto focus it detects object rapidly and gives you best shot.


Looking for a camera phone….

Just see your budget and go for the best.